Tidings of Comfort and Joy

 When you think of depression, the words 'comfort' or 'joy' do not come to mind right?

I mean 'COMFORT'? Really? Absolutely no! Depression is not comfortable, it is quite the opposite - uncomfortable!

And 'JOY'? Well 'joy' and 'depression' are not even distant cousins.

The Lights of Christmas

The Lights of Christmas - isn't that absolutely gorgeous? I think it might be a painting, it doesn't even look real. What do you think?

We like to take at least one special drive at Christmas time to enjoy the lights. Some places have lights worth driving to. We have our favourites!

Just what is it about light and lights that draws each of us?

My Perfect Marriage - Merry Christmas to Me!

I'll bet you were wondering about my perfect marriage, right?

I mean how can someone with a complicated mental illness have a perfect marriage?

Doesn't the havoc of mental instability destroy relationships?

The Hallmark Learning Curve

I love Hallmark Christmas Movies. The scenery is lovely, the decorating for christmas is over the top (and in my favourite colour red), the people are beautiful and you can be guaranteed of a happy ending. They are the perfect escape from reality.

I know, I know - they are hardly literary winners, the script is usually weak and the plots are simple. You always know how it will end, you just don't know exactly how they will get there.

But that's what I love about it, simple. It is not challenging to watch, just visually enjoyable and usually heartwarming, what's wrong with that?

Christmas is Coming whether We Like it or Not!

Swimming for Joy!

Have you ever noticed that children can't stop smiling when they are in the water? It is a joyful experience for most children.

It is joyful for me too. Not only do I simply love swimming but I have many happy memories associated with it.

Last time I talked about JOY and how important it was that we treat ourselves to some.

JOY! The Universal Tonic

Joy as a tonic? Does anybody disagree with that?

"Joy - to experience great pleasure or delight."

Is that even possible if you are depressed?

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

When I am not feeling well, I often watch a movie that I've seen before. It takes less concentration and I am already sure of a happy ending. Of course I choose one I like, one that will not offend my sensibilities or create unwanted tension.

Recently I chose 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'.

Kirk Cameron: "Connect"

Remember Kirk Cameron? He played Mike Seaver on the popular sitcom 'Growing Pains'.

Happy Thanksgiving - Canadian Style

Yes, it really does look just like this where I live! Awesome, glorious, magnificent and almost unreal, unnatural, like a painting.

This weekend in Canada we will be celebrating thanksgiving.

And what a beautiful time of year to be thankful!

A Moving Experience?

September 28, 2018.

A moving experience? This home at 'blogger' is new for me. Blogging however is not. 

I have been blogging about depression since 2010 at Depression Getaway, found on wordpress.org. Those posts may not be available for much longer on that old site but they have all been edited and revised and transferred to this new site. 360 posts in all!

So, the site is new but much of the material is not. I will add dates to the new posts but the dates from the old posts have been removed since they have been 're-published' all at once in 2018.

To my old readers, thanks for your interest. To my new readers - welcome!

Don't give up! There is hope for depression.

Want to be a Vigilante for Depression?

Want to be a VIGILANTE
 for your depression journey?


Unknown ObjectI know that when we think of a vigilante we think of violence. That may well be the case. But if you look at this definition of vigilante, notice the last part, the most important part: "self-appointed doer of justice".

I like the sounds of that!

My Little Dog Drug

I mean it seemed like a good idea at the time - a therapy dog, or emotional support dog, just for me. 

First the search, a little stressful since there were so many considerations, size, breed, puppy or adult, male or female, etc.

We narrowed it down to one tiny dog, a Yorkie named Casey. Since we live in an apartment a small dog was a must. But honestly, I never pictured myself as one of those women carrying my dog around in my purse, but here I am!