New Beginnings - The Fernwood Novels

Dear Friends,

Welcome one more time to 'Depression Getaway with Wendy Love'. Thank you for reading all of these years. I do hope that something you read was helpful, hopeful, informative, inspiring and comforting.

My writing energy is now being put into novels. This is the first of my trilogy called 'The Fernwood Novels'.

You can order it from Amazon.

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But not until February 14th. So go to Amazon that day and read 'New Beginnings' for free. And even though it is an 'ekindle' book, you don't have to have a kindle reader to upload it. You can simply upload it to your computer.

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It has been fun writing for you on Depression Getaway with Wendy Love. For now I am going to concentrate my efforts on writing novels and stories. If you want to keep posted about my writings go to my Wendy Love Clark, Author Page on Facebook.

I'd love you to read 'New Beginnings'. You may have more in common with the main character, Bethany, than you can imagine. Especially if you read the second in the trilogy which will be out in spring of 2020.

And always remember...

Don't give up! There is hope for depression.

Wendy LovešŸ„°

Rich and Famous and Depressed? Josh Groban Shares His Struggles with Mental Illness

I know I know. Fame and fortune look pretty appealing on the outside don't they? But inside the famous are just as human as we are but of course, you know that!

It sometimes helps us all and helps lessen some of the stigma when famous people admit to having struggles with mental illness. Why? Because famous people have a voice, and we sort of don't. So they are giving us all a voice to fight stigma surrounding mental illness.

I hope this video will allow you to give yourself permission to get rid of some of the shame associated with this illness.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? How are you feeling today?

Don't give up! There is hope for depression.

Rich, Famous and Depressed? Ask J.K. Rowling about Depression

Is it possible to be rich and famous and depressed? Of course it is. Just ask J.K. Rowling.

My little project this year is to feature every Friday, one celebrity who has gone public with their battle with depression.

Check out this article, "J.K. Rowling on Writing and Depression" on "The Creative Mind" about J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books.

Her life and success is more proof that: 

It is possible to have a productive life, 
despite the setbacks of depression. 

I know that seems unlikely, but J.K. Rowling's story is more proof that there is hope for depression.

I know that your goal some days is just to make it out of bed and get dressed, not to author best selling novels and become world famous, right? And that's totally okay. 

WHAT ABOUT YOU? How are you feeling today? Does this type of article encourage you or just make you more depressed? Do you have a project that is important to you that you have had trouble starting? Would you like to use it as a jumping off point, or as J.K. Rowling, a "foundation" for depression.

Don't give up! There is hope for depression.

"Best Year Ever!" My 2019 Report Card

Happy New Year! Or is it happy for you?

It's easy to forget that you have improved in handling your illness unless you journal now and then. Or possibly, like me you have a friend, in my case my husband, who you are accountable to.

Often, when I am having a bad day and feeling sorry for myself and imagining that I haven't progressed at all in handling this illness my husband will say "you are so much better now on a bad day than you used to be."

The Power of One Baby

Have you ever wondered why God chose to visit this earth in the form a little baby?

I have until I was personally enlightened about the power of one little baby.

"Best Christmas Ever!" Do You Have One?

Best Christmas ever? I know what one of mine was. Like to hear about it?

My 'best Christmas ever' has to do with one person, not with gifts or parties or decorations or Christmas movies.

And that person is my sister!

This picture of me and my sister was taken in 1967. We could laugh at nothing at all, or at everything. We find the same things funny. She is a little older than me so she has been in my life from the very beginning.

Family Christmas: Filled with Laughter or Fraught with Tension?

'Family Christmas'- does that phrase bring good or bad memories to mind?

"Family Christmas" brings all sorts of warm childhood memories to my mind. I remember food, fun, family, laughter and most of all love.

At least that is how I remember my childhood Christmases. Who knows, maybe my parents had stresses with our family christmas that I was not aware of?

Let me share a typical childhood Christmas for me.

Season to be Jolly?

Season to be jolly? That's a lot of pressure for someone who is depressed. 

"Tis the season to be jolly"? Even if you don't deal with depression you can find it hard to be happy just because it is Christmas.

I remember the first Christmas after my dad died suddenly at the age of 59. Christmas came three months later. I knew Christmas was going to be tough. I even wondered if there was some way to avoid it all together. 

SOS - Christmas! - SOS

Wait, 'SOS' for Christmas? Why would I say such a thing? Because Christmas can be really tough for lots of people especially for those of us with depression, that's why.

"Christmas" - what comes to mind when you hear that?

Children, presents, tree, lights, food, shopping.....those might be some things that came to your mind.

Or maybe you recall smiles, hugs and good times?

Or maybe expectations and guilt and dread come to your mind? If so you're not alone.

Journaling is like Gardening - You Need Tools (Part Four of 'Journaling Through Depression')

Gardening compared to journaling? Well, that works for me since I love to do both. But for some of you both a garden or a journal may seem overwhelming.

I remember my first few attempts at a vegetable garden. I had no clue and didn't realize I was planting in hard clay!

 My second garden was better, the soil was excellent and I grew some great stuff, but I not only had not realized how much work there was but also didn't face the fact that I just didn't have the time to do it. There were more weeds than produce. 

By the time I attempted my third vegetable garden, I had done a lot of reading, I had more time and went into it informed and ready. It was beautiful to look at, a joy to work in and I took a lot of wonderful vegetables out of it. 

You Don't Want to be NCIS: Not Clued Into Self (Part Three of 'Journaling for the Right Diagnosis)

NCIS is one of my favourite TV shows, and apparently the most watched tv show around the world. I enoy the characters. The plots are about murder, yes, but they seldom show gorry stuff. Humour is added into a serious topic. This show doesn't disturb my sensitive nature or bring me down in any way. It is one of my favourite Depression Getaways.

Diagnostic Journaling: Detecting Clues (Journaling for the Right Diagosis:Part Two)

Diagnostic journaling could be a great job for a detective.

My doctor had a gift for detective work and I am glad she did. When she first began treating me, she would start me on a small dose of the medication and then continue to increase it to the ‘recommended therapeutic dose’. Sometimes I would start to get better and when she increased it I would get worse. Puzzled by this, she took my chart, reread all of her notes and noticed that I always did better on a smaller dosage than the one recommended. If she didn’t have good notes, she would not have been able to figure that out.
So, what do journaling and getting the right diagnosis have to do with each other?

Diagnosis Through Journaling: Digging for Secrets (Part One of Journaling for the Right Diagnosis)

Diagnosis may not be as complicated as you imagine.

Do you remember when you first realized you had some symptoms of depression? 

Here was my initial experience.  

I was going through a stressful time in my life (divorce), but coping, or so I thought. One of the ways I dealt with stress was through exercise, particularly, walking. One day, while on my walk, I felt like I could not go at my usual pace. The only other time I remembered feeling that awful was when I had anemia. So, assuming that it was the same thing this time, I went to my doctor.

She already knew that I was going through a rough time and so a little depression was to be expected. She agreed to have my blood checked but it turned out to be fine. As she prescribed an antidepressant my doctor explained that sometimes this sort of 'circumstance related depression' was temporary, and probably in six months to a year, I could go off of the antidepressant.